How I Started Fishing – Again

Last updated on December 26, 2020

On the About page I explained why I got back into fishing. This page describes the how, starting with a trip up into the attic and a search in the back of the shed. At this time it could have gone either way, if my gear was all mouldy and manky that would have been it but actually it was all in pretty good condition. So, what did I find? 

In the attic were a couple of rods, the best one was a Diawa Tornado 10ft feeder/quiver rod with a push in quiver tip and a swing tip. To be honest it hardly looked used and in much better condition than the other rod, a 12ft Shakespeare Match rod which would do at a pinch. Also there was a Daiwa angling umbrella which was still in a reasonable condition.

So, I had a couple of rods, what was in that army surplus rucksack at the back of the shed and in that Shakespeare cantilever box next to it? Again I was surprised at what was there and what good condition it was in after what must be twenty five or thirty years. A couple of reels, a Shakespeare one and a nameless brand, both inexpensive in their time but still working, a collection of floats, weights, a disgorger, some hooks, feeders, an old set of scales, a fold up stool, a landing net, a keep net and various other bits and pieces. I had enough to go fishing so where could I go? 

I live just over five minute’s walk from a canal so that seemed the obvious place. A quick look on the Internet showed me that fishing was controlled by the local angling club who sold day tickets but a few seconds working out in my head made me realise that I wouldn’t have to go that often to make the Concessionary OAP joining fee seem like a bargain and there would be other places to go as well. I downloaded the form, found a fairly recent passport style photo and posted off my application. I also found that I could buy a rod licence on line, again at a reduced price – there are some compensations to this third age lark!

Then I took stock and waited. I thought that I had better buy some new line and a few more bits and pieces and although I would have liked to support my local tackle shop we were not going into shops and so I ordered them off the Internet with a solemn promise to myself that when the pandemic was over I would shop locally. I gave everything a bit of a clean and that was it. All I had to do now was wait for the paperwork to come through and I could go fishing!

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