Blankety Blank

My regular readers, or should that be reader, might have noticed that I haven’t been posting lately. This is due to me getting hayfever/sinusitis for the first time this year and taking a while to sort out medication that would help. I don’t mind having the symptoms of a cold but when it got to the point of not having the energy to go fishing then it was time to take action!

I actually had a health check on Monday, for those of you not yet in your third age and who don’t know, you can have them every five years. It is just a load of questions and blood pressure and blood tests but I suppose it is a screen for problems that may occur. Anyway the girl asked me how I was and when I told her she got a specialist nurse in straight away who prescribed me a more serious nose spray which has actually started to work so I went fishing. Blanked. That’s it really!

I felt OK to go and had a bit of time one afternoon so thought that I would go and stay into the evening. Went to my “go to” water where I always catch something and walked round to see a few carp feeding on the surface so set up a rod with some bread but they weren’t having any and as the afternoon wore on they disappeared. I then switched to a method feeder and also put my feeder rod out but nothing. Still, it was a sunny afternoon and I was just enjoying being there so I wasn’t too unhappy. At about five thirty I thought that I would move swims and put the float rod out for a few rudd or roach for a bit of fun before packing up but I wasn’t even getting them!

Then I got a bite on the feeder rod, in fact it was so strong that the rod was on its way into the water so I had to grab it quick! It was a strong fish, must have been a carp and it swam to the right, left and then the line went slack so I thought I had lost it. In fact it had swum towards me and gone into some tree roots next to my swim as I found out when I reeled in. The next half an hour was spent trying to coax it out, letting the line go slack hoping that the fish would move and eventually just applying pressure until the inevitable happened and the line parted. It was very strange as once the fish had got in the roots the line was locked up and there was just no movement in it at all. Anyway, as it was nearly dark I packed up and went home having achieved my first blank on that water. Still, never mind, it happens to us all!

I suppose there is always next time but I think I will give that water a break for a while until it perks up a bit. The club has plenty more which I ought to try although some of them close soon for the winter. I hope that the medication keeps working and that the pollen count gets lower so that all this sitting out in the country while fishing is not going to affect me too much. Then I will have something to write about in my blog!

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