Another Day, Another Lake

I continued my tour of the club’s waters by visiting one of the more distant lakes, although it wasn’t very far away. I had been for a look round and found that the car park was about 200 yards from  the lake and I would have to carry my gear up a muddy track. After seeing guys with barrows I thought about getting one but thought it was a lot of money for a hobby that I was still not really sure about. I decided to adapt a sack barrow which I had in my shed by making a box to put the rods in and attaching it to the back of the barrow. It worked after a fashion and I slowly made my way to the lake and found one other guy fishing there. We had a chat and he wasn’t having much luck so I moved to the other end of the lake near an island and put out my carp rod and float rod and sat back.

I soon started catching fish, the usual small roach and then a carp jumped. Over the next hour several carp jumped and so I changed where I was casting and then tried surface fishing with bread. The trouble was that the lake was home to ducks, hundreds of them and on seeing my bread there was frantic competition for it! Not wanting to hook a duck I gave that up and tried a Zig rig fishing high up in the water. The carp continued to jump and I continued to catch small silverfish and then it started to rain. Having learnt my lesson I had brought my umbrella and so I put it up. It was fairly old and was just a basic umbrella but it kept the rain off me and much of my gear so I was happy.

One of the better fish of the day!

The day carried on much the same, the carp kept jumping, I didn’t catch one and continued to catch the odd small roach and perch. It stopped raining just before home time and I struggled back to the car, falling over twice in the process. I had enjoyed the day but was a bit miffed that I could see fish but not catch them and also decided that I must do something about all my gear if I was going to fish here again. Taking carp rods and tackle and Silverfish rods and tackle only worked if I could park near the swim. To make matters worse a guy posted on the club’s Facebook page the next day about what a great session he had at the same lake, catching eight carp!

My friend the duck! Well he thought he was my friend as he wouldn’t leave me alone!

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